Built for Jimdo

PamBill was specifically designed and developed to help the growing number of Jimdo shop users handle invoicing more efficiently. PamBill is able to import your Jimdo shop orders securely and automatically via your Jimdo account data. Once you have connected PamBill with your Jimdo-Shop account, all orders will be imported automatically. Alternatively you can also import via the CSV or XML file. PamBill takes into account all the specific Jimdo situations and provides reliable and accurate invoice generation. Read further below what PamBill supports.


Invoices with your logo

Your invoices look professional using your own logo. We provide a standard invoice template which contains all key elements of an invoice. This provides your CI to make your invoices look professional and personal at the same time.

paid faster

Support of Jimdo "Payment Types"

PamBill supports all Jimdo payment types and imports these. All types are supported and processed correctly by PamBill. When generating an invoice, the imported Jimdo payment type will be printed on the invoice. In addition you will have the option to add a custom text per payment type. E.g. with PayPal you could add “Amount has already been paid.” This will prevent double payments by your customers.


Correct processing of discount vouchers

Jimdo introduced discount vouchers in 2013. PamBill is already setup to process these correctly. This means that the correct VAT is applied to the voucher amount and also that the voucher is included in the total order.


Customer Management

Importing data from Jimdo will not result in duplicate customer data. PamBill applies intelligent algorithms to prevent that a customers are duplicated in PamBill. You will be able to set customer number formats and PamBill will automatically assign a customer number to new imported customers. You will be able to edit customer data as needed.

send invoices

Generate Invoices

PamBill generates all invoices in PDF format. After you have imported your orders from Creator or Dolphin, PamBill shows you all imported orders, including the Jimdo order number. You can download the invoices as PDF (or all as a zip file), send them by email or fax. It's that simple! You can also assign a status to individual orders (sent, paid, etc.) and manage customers.



PamBill provides reports and sales overview of your business. At a glance you can see what amounts are outstanding, which payments are overdue, etc.


EU invoicing made easy

PamBill will import the EU-VAT data from your Jimdo shop as well. As shop owners expand, receiving orders from other EU countries will start to appear. PamBill correctly processes your customers EU-VAT number and applies all the required legal requirements. Working with PamBill to generate invoices for international customers is just as simple as with any other invoice type.


Delivery address

In those cases where you have a different delivery address vs. invoice address, PamBill will import this and print the delivery address on the invoice. This is important for customers who order with you but want to delivery elsewhere. On the invoice the delivery address is visible and will allow you to better process the orders.



PamBill is available in multiple languages. Business is more and more international/global. Jimdo is already available in multiple languages and we want all Jimdo shop users to be able to benefit from efficient and accurate invoice generation. PamBill is currently available in English, German and Japanese. More languages will be added in future releases.