"PamBill is a complete and perfect solution for our customers. It is the easiest way to generate invoices - most importantly, because PamBill was specially built for Jimdo."

Christian Springub, Co-founder Jimdo

Automatic import

PamBill supports the automatic import of orders (CSV or XML file only with Creator). Connect your Jimdo account (Creator or Dolphin) to PamBill and import all orders automatically.

All data processed

PamBill will process all Jimdo data correctly. VAT, delivery addresses, order numbers and more is supported.

Jimdo order numbers

Keep your invoicing in sync with your shop order numbers. PamBill will show you the orders numbers at import. This ensures full compatibility with the Jimdo-Shop system.

Payment terms

PamBill imports and process all Jimdo payment terms. In addition you are able to set a free text which will be added to the payment term information on the invoice. This reduces payment problems.

Built for Jimdo – simple and efficient

PamBill supports all files that you export from the Jimdo Shop. All data contained in the files is imported and processed. PamBill is the only solution that provides such a deep level of compatibility.


What people say

Standard invoice templates

PamBill provides industry standard templates which are enhanced regularly.

Upload your own logo

All our subscriptions include the ability to upload your own company logo which will be shown on the invoices.

VAT handling

PamBill handles the VAT items from Jimdo perfectly. This applies to local VAT, orders with EU-VAT and VAT settings for COD.

Customization options

For each Jimdo payment term you can add a free text. E.g. you can inform customers ordering with PayPal, that the payment has already been received.

Invoicing made easy

PamBill takes away all the specific Jimdo items and provides you with an accurate and simple method to generate your PDF invoices. You have different options to process and customize them. PamBill processes the VAT correctly and also the recently introduced discount vouchers are fully supported (incl. correct VAT handling).


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Customer data import

PamBill keeps your customer data clean when importing data from Jimdo. Thanks to the intelligent PamBill de-duplicator you will not see the same customer appear double.

Edit customer data

All imported customers will be assigned a unique customer number. You are able to view and update a customer as needed.

Manage customers

Keep your customers in sight. PamBill provides a clean and simple view of all customers imported from Jimdo.

Keep in sync

Customers in Jimdo are the same ones you have in PamBill. Should data be changed in Jimdo, then PamBill will automatically update the existing customer with the new data.

Manage your Jimdo customers

Managing your customers in PamBill is very easy. All customer data is imported and automatically de-duplicated for you. Should your customer change e.g. his address when ordering, then PamBill will also automatically update the address when you next import your orders.


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Financial overview

Keep track of paid, sent, unpaid, overdue invoices and more. Managing your financial data is key to keeping your business profitable.

Use data ranges

All reports can be set to show a certain date range. This provides maximum flexibility in collecting financial data.

Control your finances

PamBill displays the financial overview in an easy to read way. Sorting options are available to tailor this to your requirements.

Ease of use

As with all other functions in PamBill, also the reports area is made with ease of use in mind. Get things done quickly with PamBill.

Keep your finances in control

PamBill provides reporting which will enable you to see immediately when invoices have not yet been paid or are overdue. Reporting tools are key to keep your finances in control and PamBill supports you.


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30 day free trial

Using is believing, that is why we offer a free and unlimited 30 day trial of PamBill. Test all functions and then decide what subscription you would like.

No limitations when testing

The test account has all functions the Pro Plan subscription has. We do not apply any functional limitations during testing.

Basic Plan subscription

The Basic Plan allows to use productive functions and allows the generation of 50 invoices per month and unlimited customers.

Professional Plan subscription

In addition to the Basic Plan subscription, the Pro Plan offers unlimited invoice generation, unlimited customers and manual invoice generation.

Attractive subscriptions

PamBill offers two monthly plans and a 30 day free unlimited trial. Your can start with the 30 day trial and test all functions. You can then decide to purchase a subscription. We do not automatically rebill you, you decide when and for how long you wish to purchase.


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